“Serendipity” and Indian Girls

There is a movie titled Serendipity released in 2001 where the lead female character is driven by certain philosophy in life.

She believes that if it is meant to be happen then it will happen.

And so the movie is titled Serendipity which in dictionary means an occurrence by chance usually a happen one.

And by the way, this particular movie is loved by women across cultures.

This same serendipitous feeling, drives Indian Girls when it comes to meeting men offline.

(Especially in a random unknown context)

And it is this knowledge I use to my advantage to meet girls.

Once I gain this “Serendipity “ insight, I spend years mastering the art of cultivating the feeling of “Serendipity” within Indian Girls while encountering me.

And now this also happens to be meat of my coaching programme.

Let me explain briefly the thought and process behind this concept.

Indian women are inaundated with overtures from men. And with the advent of online dating, Indian women have plethora of options to get together with a man.

This overwhelm surge of proposals have made women here in India disenchanted with the idea of Romance.

Having said that women would love to be part of romance.

This dichotomy makes serendipitous encounters more appealing to girls.

Let me come to the process briefly without going into details.

Whenever you guys happen to be at a place (cafes, airport, bars, libraries, grocery stores, etc), position yourself smartly, that a woman does not feel that you ended up next to her because you intended to pick her up or any attempt of that kind.

Off course this is a fine art that requires lots of calculations which I cannot explain in words here.

Then your open should also have a strong context based on certain observation or a situation that occur in the moment, rather you saying that is uninvited and doesnt fit the context.

A combination of being next to her by chance (in her mind) and a conversation starter with gives a strong feeling of reason and substance (ideally a playful one) will put you in those rarest of rare men who will fulfill her serendipitous fantasy.

I have met more than 90 percent of girls like this than any other way.

This is condractiory to the spirit of traditional cold approaching of walking up to a girl. I know that.

I can say with authority and enough confidence, in India, “serendipitous” art of cold approaching will make your life easier with women than a traditional non invitational cold approaching.

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