“Timing” matters when approaching woman

Pick up artist community has an old and odd rule, i.e Three second rule.

A man should ideally approach a woman within three seconds of seeing her. Later on some people extended to five seconds.

I personally find it stupid and socially unintelligent method to follow.

Ill-timed approaches makes a man look socially creepy.

Ill-timed approaches are also disrespectful towards other person.

Yes, the spirit of approaching a woman sooner than later so that a man overcome his social anxiety is well placed with good intentions.

In any social environment, women are either pre occupied/pre engaged or they are giving out signals of invitation by their open energy.

However some times they are not explicitly giving out signals of invitation but still have an open energy.

Open energy is abstract, but to put in words I would say, when a woman head is straight up scanning the room tends to be a good indicator of open energy.

Let’s take the example of cafes;

When I am in a cafe I am always observant of people around me. Specifically if a woman is sitting next to me or in my proximity, i am constantly checking if she opens up by getting uninvolve from whatever she is doing.

I always open interactions with women when I feel may be with more than 50 percent certainty that they have an open energy.

I always timed it that way.

It is like seeing an opening to throw sweet knock out punch.

In bars, context changes a bit as every woman there is scanning around. And it does gives an illusion of open energy.

But that is not the case so.

In bars, the bar should be raised high to detect an open energy.

An extra second holding your eye contact across the room is one of the most effective ways to gauge a genuine open energy.

Or a woman turning her half body to let the room know of her presence.

Or a womam/group of women sitting on a table that is explicitly visible to most people in the bar.

This is not to say that one cannot and should not approach a woman in a bar kind of setting unless there is a strong opening.

Bar in itself has an open energy.

Well timed approaches conveys a man’s social intelligence and trust me it makes you look attractive and agreeable.

Sometimes waiting for good half an hour or more is better than ill time approach.

Sometimes not approaching is better than approaching if one cannot find a proper timing.

Well timed approaches denotes respect towards room and the woman.

I strongly advocate men to learn the inescapable art of timing.

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