Pickup and Dating in Social Distancing Age

This is an evolving situation and hence my post is speculative in nature and will evolve as we go along.

As a Dating coach in India, I am contemplating now a days on, how approaching women and mingling with them will change, once coronavirus lockdown is lifted completely.

I am also thinking on a broader range, how dating scene in India will look like in coming few months, in lieu of coronavirus.

I have few thoughts, that I wish to pen down here.

As I said, this is an untested and speculative post, as we are still in lockdown, so please do add your take on it, in comments section.

In my perspective, approaching and mingling with women will have a bearing once, the lockdown is lifted.

I am pretty convinced, that at least for few months, people will be roaming with masks on.

So for those of you, who approached women on streets and malls complimenting women how cute they look, need to find some other ways.

In fact, approaching and mingling with women who are walking (moving set) will be an unlikely scenario as I presume, most of them will be donning mask.

Nightclubs and Bars, will attract very less people as long as the scare remains.

In my estimate, most people will be apprehensive, as nightclubs are notorious for mass gathering of close proximity, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

Hence “night game” will certainly take a hit for forseaable future.

Having said that, that are some bars, unlike nightclubs, which are spacious, with spaced out seating arrangements and no dancing culture will attract some crowd.

Those ones, fortunately will keep mating ritual going at night.

The one venue, that will stand out and keep “pickup” alive are Cafes.


Cafes represents a mix culture of socializing, chilling and working. Hence, as being a middle ground, it will still attract people.

Once people get settled in a cafe, they will undone their mask. Wearing mask is stressful and we’ll remove it at every opportunity we feel safe at. And absence of mask on people faces, is necessary for authentic mingling.

Cafes gives options to people to maintain distance. Most of the seating arrangement maintain 3ft or more gap between two seats.

Seats with closer proximity can be avoided.

And lastly, people will have to carry on with their life, work and little bit of socializing.

Adding all these factors, people will be more comfortable mingling with new folks in cafes like environments.

Online Dating, won’t be affected at all. In fact it may gather traction. But online dating is unworkable for most and easy for few men.

Immediately after lockdown is lifted, my friend Vishal suggests, people initially will prefer to mingle with people they know as friends and acquaintances, as that feels more safer.

Human beings are social creatures, and virus can limit humans only to certain extent.

The cure (social distancing) cannot be more harmful than the disease (corona virus) itself.

Harmful, to mental health which, now a days people appreciates lot more.

Hence, meeting, mingling and socialising will carry on but with caution.

Some pointers to remember infield:

Maintain distance before you open your mouth.

Non verbal communication skills will be more essential than ever before. Most people have always relied on verbal performance to generate attraction. But ability to communicate with the way you look at a woman, will win more hearts in age of social distancing, in initial stage.

This post is still open for coming time to come.

I will keep updating as we all go along together in post corono virus world.

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  1. While i agree that bars and nightclubs will not be great for mingling for some time, they won’t be completely dead either. There are few men and women who will be itching to hangout at a bar/nightclub and that i think presents a good chance to meet women.


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