Spirituality, in the process of getting good with women.

Just yesterday (17th April), an interview was aired on YouTube. It was, Karan Thapar interviewing famous Political Strategist Prashant Kishor.

Prashant Kishor was asked about Narendra Modi’s best quality.

(As he has worked in close quarters with Narendra Modi)

To which he said, “When Narendra Modi speaks with you, he makes you feel, he is there with you in totality.”

Same has been said about Bill Clinton.

And same has been said about great seducers of history.

“Being Present” has been touted as the most powerful quality a person can have.

From Ramana Maharshi, Osho, Echart tolle to my mentor Zan Perrion to famed pick up artist Tyler, “not being in your head” is strongly preach to improve one’s quality of life and quality of interactions with women.

A man who is in the journey to become good with women, invariably discovers this concept of “Being Present” or “Getting out of your head” as a necessary element to imbibe, to get good with women.

This realization, leads most men into an area of Spirituality.

I, too went through this journey in early 2018.

And I discovered few things, which I would like to put down here.

In process of getting good with women, resorting to spirituality is not a bad idea, in fact it can be helpful.

But in my perspective, embracing the broad aspect of Spirituality is unnecessary, if your primary goal is to develop presence in interactions with women.

As I got deeply involved with works of Echart Tolle, the famed author of Power of Now, my ability to be more present did improve, however I also became more philosophical in the way I looked at life, including my interactions with women.

Don’t take me wrong, I am an advocate of embracing spirituality, especially it’s concepts of “Being Present”.

It so happen with me, that my serious involvement with works of Echart Tolle (One means of Spirituality), sucked out the mischievous and scoundrel energy in my interactions with women.

And with women every step should be infused with mischief and fun. (I am exaggerating a bit here)

Yes, I started to be more present with women and less in my head, but I became more idealistic with women.

Idealistic in the way of how we humans should be, and defining certain standards to lead our life.

I didn’t represent “escape” to women, they look for in a man when they want to fool around and become *girlie, girlie*.

However, as time passed by and I diverted my attention more to source (women) rather than means (spirituality) to the source, by ability to stay present with women became more powerful, without compromising my inner little boy mischief.

That worked pretty well for me.

Again, I am not saying that meditation is unhelpful or embracing the broad spirituality is not the way.

What works for you, works..

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