New Indicator of Interest from women

I was at a departmental store opposite my house, which is frequented by people (in limited volume offcourse).

And women of all ages, shapes and sizes, do also drop in for their essential purchases.

There was this particular girl in this store, who I have seen (see in my way) before, at a park near my house.

She was accompanied by a family member.

Like everyone else, we too, had our mask on.

As I was walking down one of the aisle, almost reaching the end of it, it so happen, she was entering the same aisle and we came to face to face in close proximity by default.

Social distancing seemed unsocial at that moment.

Then there was this pause, I looked straight into her eyes and then lower my eyes towards her body, then again back to her eyes.

I was just being a guy.

Instantly, after my masculine perusal, she unmask herself (I wished she would have undressed also).

To allow me the full view of her face, but more than that it was an approval of my presence and way I presented my natural desires.

And she was just being a girl.

So did I unmask myself (And was on the verge of unzipping).

We exchange plesantaries, societally ones, and went our own ways.

And I realised in the passing, how “unmasking” in certain context will be a new indicator of Interest among many from now on.

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