Naturals or Pick up Artists

There are two school of thoughts, that occupies space in literature of “Womanizing”.

  1. Naturals
  2. Pick up Artists

Sometimes they overlap too, in the minds of few.

In my perspective, naturals are different breed from pick up artist and hence there is no room for overlapping, in the way they approach wold of women.

It’s unlikely for a natural to become a pick up artist, but, it’s a high probability for a pick up artist to evolve into a natural.

One misconception about naturals is that, they have it in them since their birth or early years.

However in my view, all naturals develop that intuitive understanding of women gradually over period of time.

Consciously or unconsciously.

While Pick up artists, without exceptions, are made consciously.

Pick up artist are performers. They are about ‘what to do’.

On the other hand, naturals are about how to be.

And hence, any literature on becoming natural has high elements of abstractism (lack of structure).

A Pick up Artist, need a platform to perform.

Compromised social culture, unhealthy ratio of men and women, lack of social venues, judgmental vibe of the city do not allow pick up artists to demonstrate their skills of picking up girls.

I am not suggesting, naturals can conquer any environments, even they need an appropriate social context, but not a platform.

Rather they need *species of female* and *plurality of women* in abundance.

Naturals have such a fierce passion of the male animal that it evokes the hidden passion in women’s blood.

They are natural in their desires, perfectly straightforward in their sensuality.

On the other hand, pick up artists are motivated by the “game” of pick up arts rather than women.

Women are means to the end.

Pick up artist, are straightforward in their sensuality if the game demands or, like a lawyer they can turn around and become covert to hide their desires, if the game demands it that way.

Pick up arts is about adding, learning, dissecting, understanding the pitch and then targeting.

Naturals are uncovered by unlearning, reflecting, understanding themselves and then presenting unapologetically, yet not compromising the social grace.

Which works better?

I know for sure both ways yields *results*, so to speak.

If pick up artists lacks the “organic” of naturals, then naturals lacks the persistence of pick up artists.

A natural may not be appreciated in stimulated environments, a pick up artist may not be able to perform given improper venue.

For a natural, the mating dance is an expression of himself, while for pick up artist mating dance is a performance.

Women are puzzle to be solved for pick up artists, while for naturals women are potential companions in arts of love.

To be a good Pick up artist, a man needs an element of extroversion to be developed, while a man can retain his introversion and yet evolve to be a natural.

Which is better; being a pick up artist or evolving into a natural?

Well, that’s a matter of debate.

To me, the important point is what makes sense to me .

To hone my skills, to be a good pick up artist or uncover my innate polarize male animal, which follows a natural course at the sight of twin curves.

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