Should a man lie/modify the truth to have sex?

In one word Yes.

But there are caveats and nuances to this.

Lying or modifying the truth is not a strategy per se, I am asking to adopt.

There are times, women need a *rationalization solution* to go ahead in doing what she may mentally feel guilty.

Sometimes it so happens, that a woman might be slightly incline to get physically intimate with a man, but because of her situational constraints or mental restraints, she cannot take the responsibility of the act and hence she resist to take things forward.

In those moments, a man “must” allow a little white lie to prevail for greater good.

These white lies allows women to rise above their conditioning and do what she wanted to do already.

Especially when it comes to online dating, you may brush up your bio in terms of work or schooling to make it easy for women to swipe, right into your pants.

Again, this is not a strategy to seduce or attract a woman, modifying the truth serves well, only when a woman wants to be mutual participant of the mating dance, but she can’t because of her moral/religious/ethical lines.

The classic example of a white lie is “Netflix and chill”.

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