Two paths, Two different styles of learning to get good with women.

Osho (Bhagwan Rajneesh) once said, “There are two human beings who have made a significant contribution to humanity, by helping us to understand human beings. One is Sigmund Freud and other is Aurobindo Ghosh”.

Osho said, “Sigmund Freud touch the heights and Aurobindo Ghosh went to depths.”

This remarked by Osho has always stayed with me. It explains the phenomenon of two different paths and style towards the same source.

One is poetic and other is prose.

One speaks to the mind, while other path speaks to our spirit.

Similarly, in way to women, there are two different paths.

First path that appeals to our minds.

Like Sigmund Freud who dissected human beings and their behaviours, there are mysteries, tylers, david de angelos of the world, in mind appealing path of dissecting women’s behaviours and using that knowledge to create a certain structure of their own, and play the game.

Their approach speaks directly, without weaving any words. Their content has bullet points, structured paragraph, subtitles and their whole literature is divided into specific chapters.

Speaking of their videos, their art is dissected, analysed and can be lab tested.

Men can sit in a round circle and discuss/debate the ideas around this path of mating with women.

There was nothing poetic about Sigmund Freud, similarly here the literature has the flavour of science.

All self improvement/Dating/Men’s development books, recommended, follow the pathway of prose. The contents straight up address the subject.

Hence, most of us are takers of this literature.

On the other hand, there is a path that reach our intuition. There is a style, that’s poetic in nature.

This style of learning to get good with women is still untouched at large.

Because it cannot be taught as a method, only awaken your awareness that will lead to the source.

It goes to the depth of being a man in relationship with female gender, similar to poet Aurobindo Ghosh way to describe human nature to us.

Only few curious mind get a handle on this, until they make a strong conscious choice to understand this style.

This path leads to develop an intuition, feel to arts of seduction.

How that so?

Because this path if full of storytellers, philosophers.

Stories about how certain characters view the world and women. No explanation or breaking down of a method. Just narrating a story.

Like Casanova, narrating in his autobiography, ” The story of my life”.

You cannot expect to read legendary seducer, Casanova’s autobiography and figure out a method/approach to get good with women. Because there is none.

But if you read with interest, you will see through his spirit that women fell for.

Simarily in the book, “Zorba the Greek” by Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the lead character of the book, muses with his companion about way of women and life, which will make you pause and reflect about how you are relating with female gender.

It is Zorba’s zest and spirit for life, that will speak to your spirit. It goes deep into your roots, if you allow it.

As I wear my dating coach hat now, I think it is imperative for a man to include both the style of learnings.

Especially the latter style, which is under appreciated, because women respond to how you make them feel.

I am pretty sure, you might be familiar with one style of learning, which directly addresses the subject of getting good with women.

Pick up arts has developed a great volume of literature on this subject. And one should explore different facets of pick up arts/dating advisory, as there is a wide diversity within themselves.

Most of you, may wonder about the second style of learning or the other path, I mentioned above. The path that develop a mans spirit in such a way that it draws women towards him.

As I said earlier, this path is full of storytellers. Hence, it is imperative for you to embrace the literature of storytelling. Especially by those, who have a smooth passage with women.

For instance, Zalman King the director/writer of great movies, have done a unmatchable job of showcasing male characters and their ways with women.

Books are the best source of material in this regard.

Fictions books are what I am adhering here. Books that narrates a story about inter play between a man and women as their core plot.

It was “Fifty shades of Grey”, a fictionalized story that resonated with women across the world and became a bestseller, beating all records.

I have mention earlier too, a book by the name of “Zorba the Greek” that depicts a man and his view of women in a way that will make you pause and Reflect. You will envy his amazing virility.

Even though they are not “How to…” literature, but they shape and refine the core essence of being a certain man.

However, study of any literature is incomplete without contemplation.

Contemplation is the cornerstone of putting things in perspective. Without contemplation, you will be just another consumer of stories.

Again, first path will give you the knowledge and second path will instill those vibrations within you that will make you seem congruent.

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