An old cliche opener revamped.


Few months back I was seated in a niche cafe at Palladium mall in Mumbai.

Two girls were seated across me, engrossed in their conversation.

Another pretty girl, all by herself, walking towards a table next to me after placing her order.

As soon as she was in my proximity, I said, “You have familiar face, I have seen you before”.

I noticed from the corner of my eye, those two girls pausing their conversation and looked at each other, with a slight disapproval head shake.

And the alone pretty girl, simply said, “Maybe”.

Knowing my crash landing, I too got back to my coffee.

My opener at the moment has been the most overused opener ever, in the history. Which naturally warranted, a disapproval head shake from two girls who were audience to this.

Fast forward today, in these unusual times of social distancing and mask on faces, I happen to stand in a line for my essentials just ahead of a young chic girl.

It so happened, I turned around and instantly as my eyes locked with hers ( she had a mask on), and instantly I blurted, “I have seen those eyes before”.

She was surprised and didn’t say much, other than a questioning yeah.

My turn came to enter the departmental store, so I did, leaving her behind.

However as I was exiting, I happen to bump into her and to my surprise she said , “Bye, take care”.

And then it dawned on me as I walking, even though my opener was a substitute of an old cliche opener, it sounded refreshing.

Let’s have one more look at the opener, “I have seen those eyes before”.

In times of masks, this to me perfectly fits the context plus it’s endearing.

And hence I thought of sharing this with you folks..

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