Taking advantage of “Work from home” culture to meet women

Woody Allen once said, “80 percent of success is just showing up”.

And most guys I end up coaching, don’t really show up in land of women.

They say it’s work and so they don’t really get time to go out and socialise beyond the weekends.

However, as this coronavirus is unfolding and work from home is becoming more prominent, you guys can convert this unfortunate crisis into an opportunity to better your life with women.

I’ll tell you how.

Cafes like Star bucks, Third wave roasters and Blue tokai, were already established as a place before covid pandemic, for some folks as a substitute for office to work.

And this included healthy mix of girls too working from cafes.

I, having spend considerable amount of time in cafes, personally and coaching guys in cafes, can only see this a deeper opportunity for guys, who because of their offices during the weekdays could not afford the luxury of meeting new girls on day to day basis.

Instead of working from home going forward, I would strongly advise guys to go to these cafes at least 4 times a week and get their work done there.

This will put you guys, in women rich environment which also tends to be informal and at the same time not compromising your office work.

While you are at these cafes, especially for longer duration, you will in most likelihood will get a space and scope to interact with new girls on day to day basis.

In addition to that, the informal vibe of the place and away from being a victim of office gossip, meeting girls won’t put pressure on you guys.

Working in cafes will resolve the core issue of not showing up in land of women.

Yes these cafes will practice physical distancing to some degree, but that doesn’t mean “social distancing”.

“Social distancing” is a misuse word. Think about it, what governments are asking for is actually physical distancing.

But if you show up and know the art of appealing to female heart, then even physical distancing will give its way.

Hence, I urge you guys, to use this crisis as an opening to more “openings”.

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