What am I learning about approaching and meeting women during the pandemic.

As I live in Mumbai (south), things have partially opened up from the lockdown. But not much has really opened.

Going for walks during evenings have become a sort of outing for mumbaikars now a days.

Me included, is taking full advantage of this luxury afforded to us.

But my longing has always been women and, hence even during my walks at different places in the city, meeting women has been forefront of my heart and mind.

There is one distinct feature I have learnt about approaching and meeting women during last few days, is that public places are the most difficult environment to meet girls.

The more public, the place is, the worst it is.

But there is more to it.

What is exactly a public place?

A street, lane, area, park, etc may seem a public place on paper.

But when it comes to meeting girls, that’s necessary not the case.

In my recent outings, there were times, I met random girls.

As I said earlier there is more to this concept of public place.

I learnt one distinct feature, a public place where crowd is filtered, because the streets form part of posh locality, tends to be easier to approach and meet girls.

However a public place like Marine Drive, which has unfiltered crowd coming in from all over the city, tends to be almost impossible to make something happen.

Take another example of parks.

If the park is local, frequented by very local community people, then meeting girls there is reasonable.

On the other hand, if it is an all open park, where there is a mixture of crowd, then there seems to be a reluctant vibe to make eye contact among girls.

In essence, unconsciously girls feel safer in “private” public place than “public” public place and hence their receptivity changes with it.

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