Avoid this before talking to Girls

We all will agree, that we rehearse before speaking to a girl, especially the one we find attractive.

Not necessarily, the whole conversational thread but maybe a line or two. But we do rehearse in our mind what we want/desire to say.

I am suggesting to avoid it. It’s simply a bad habit that leads to unfavourable outcomes.

To me, it is better to speak something stupid yet spontaneously rather than to sound well placed by rehearsing it before.


When we rehearse, we not only rehearse the content, but also the vibe and context of the moment. But in real time, vibe and context are always unique to the moment, hence the rehearsed content does not fit in the moment.

Hence, it sounds out of place or doesn’t feel right. And women are all about how you make them feel.

So, drop the habit of rehearsing and embrace spontaneity.

2 thoughts on “Avoid this before talking to Girls”

  1. 1-2-3 rule. Count to 3 numbers and go talk to her and if you take more than this you will most probably fuck up.


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