My favourite Opening Line..


Yes, my favourite way to open a girl, is to stare at her.

Hang on, before you go ahead and attempt to do that, let me say something.

Firstly, it is not something, I have always been doing, neither I practiced staring as a method/technique to open a girl, rather it evolved over period of time to a point now, it makes sense to me internally.

Secondly, I don’t stare at every second woman who comes in my purview or proximity. I stare at a girl who I am drawn to (for whatever reasons), which is not often. Yes, I do glance at every second woman passing by.

My staring in essence is an expression of what I feel and a sort of a silent way to tell her, that I find attractive.

If and when the particular girl opens her energy towards me, either through smile, body language, or some other cues, then I open her verbally.

And my favourite verbal opener is “Hi, What’s your name?”.

After that, I take things forward (ideally by telling her to go somewhere with me).

And if the girl does not open up, then I don’t open verbally.

I have observed all along doing this, girls initially feel little overwhelm but as time warms up, they open up, certainly not all. I mean there is a time lag between the moment I stare at a girl and she opens up. This time lag is subjective to each girl.

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