My Primary goal, as a coach..

Above, there is a picture representation of a Man.

As you can see, there are four different colour balls that are embedded in the picture. Grey, Red, Green and Blue.

Each ball represent an aspect of the man. (This is all hypothetical)

  • Grey Ball represent, man’s competitive energy.
  • Blue Ball represent, man’s wealth energy.
  • Green Ball represent, man’s protective energy.
  • Red Ball represent, man’s polarised masculine energy.

For instance, when a man is playing a sport or negotiating, his grey ball becomes activated and it sends a wave of energy within his body, that enables him to compete at the moment.

Every day when a man wakes up to go to his work, his blue ball comes to life, and he is filled with energy that facilitates him to create wealth for himself and others.

To protect, is a natural instinct of a man. In the event of any danger to the well being of his loved ones, he jumps into action to protect them, which is helped by the protective energy of the green ball on being called upon.

Then there is this Red Ball in the picture. This ball represents a man’s sexual/flirtatious vibe; his unabashed and audacious love for opposite sex; his delight and sexual mischief in presence of species of females.

The energy contained in the Red Ball, is masculine to the core, gifted by God because there are feminine women in the world. This energy, inspires men to keep the underlying vibration of male-female polarity vibrating.

This energy is infused within us, the moment we are marked as males in our mother womb.

However, for many reasons, including our conditioning, as we keep growing, this Red Ball goes from being lit to flickering to switch off.

And eventually, the Red Ball becomes numb, leaving the polarised masculine energy paralyzed.

The byproduct of that is we men being beige, asexual, conversationalist, friends, therapist, to women. We unknowingly go from being gracefully unabashed to intimidated by pretty girls.

And when the time comes to court and mate a woman, we go into our head to find the way, instead of listening to natural answers of the body. Which results into us being heavy in our steps, and demeanour.

And even if we get a girl to go bed with us, she can still feel the lackness. A “nice guy” will carry the same energy in his thrust. Taking a woman to bed does not necessarily absolve guys from the numbness of his polarised masculine energy.

So, how does a man whose Red Ball is alive and kicking, appears?

To quote biographer of Casanova, in his book A study in Self Portraiture,

“The hidden Passion in women’s own blood responds to this fierce passion of the male animal, to the tremendous ardour of the opposite sex. They let him take possession of them because he is fully possessed by them; they fall to him because he has fallen to them- and not so much to the one woman in the case, as to the plurality of women.”

The above paragraph describes Casanova sexual polarity in the most apt manner. There is a natural overflow of his passion towards female gender, primarily because his “red ball” is full of life. And women can sense that in him and hence they gravitate towards him as his polar opposite.

Or see Russell Brand, the famous stand up comedian, in his early days of YouTube. He is sexually provocative on national television, yet maintaining a sense of charm. His red ball seems to be jumping in presence of girls.

Let’s come to more common ground, leaving behind famous people. Let’s talk about a normal man, in similar context.

It’s not uncommon for me to smile and say “hi” to random girls, at a chance window. For instance a girl entering and me exiting a venue using the same door at the same moment, is certainly a chance window for me.

A guy I know, whose Red Ball was active most of time, met his sweetheart, with “what’s your number?” as an opener. Offcourse it’s never plain as it seems in words here.

As I am evolving as a man and a coach, I am gaining stronger clarity and insights into source of blocks and obstacles that hinder men to appear attractive to women. There is a concerted effort to attract opposite sex, a force within men souls, that actually interfere in drawing women towards them.

And to me the source seems to be the numbness of our polarised masculine energy. In essence, our red ball has gone into comatose and it needs to be brought back to life, to it’s natural place.

Yes, we men also need to learn social intelligence, understand women psychology, and other social dynamics.

But without carrying a natural spirit that brings union of male-female polarity, I am convinced men will be heading to an invisible wall with women.

Hence, as I did with myself and now with others as a dating coach, my primary goal has become to awaken the Red Ball (so to speak) through my process and restore a natural order within Men.

Imagine this, you are at someplace, occupied in your head, and a pretty girl arrives, and within no time, naturally a wave of energy rushes within you; a delightful and mischievous energy, that encourages you to say “hi” and smile at the girl. You don’t go into your head, searching for an answer, neither you feel a block in your chest, because you feel you must do something.

(This is how it feels like, when your Red Ball has life).

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  1. Really a beautifully crafted article.

    Can you also write about how you activated the red ball within you from numbness ? ?

    What exactly was the source of numbness and how you ensured that source was completely eradicated ?

    What steps were taken by you to ensure that the red ball remain activated in the long run of marathon and never went back to slumber again ??

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