Nature of my coaching.

People get curious when they get to know that I am a Dating Coach. “So How does it work?” is the most common question I get asked. Or sometimes “What does that it mean?”.

Even though I am known as a Dating Coach (I too consider myself as one), some of my clients who knows me intimately, and has spend considerable time with me, suggest that I am somewhere between a Dating coach and life coach.

On reflecting, I too prefer to lean towards my clients suggestion. For the lack of the professional term, I will stick to Dating Coach.

Some people confuse my work with Pick Up Artists (PUA); which I refuse to align with. Yes, there are overlapping aspects.

Then, what is the nature of my coaching?

My Coaching philosophies how a man should hold himself in Social milieu; that includes examining the lens of his worldview, women and men, romance.

The philosophy is added with some life skills like reading body language, communicating non verbally, developing one’s own expression and speaking it with pride, developing an ability to sense the energy of the room, art of approaching and opening, leading the social dynamics, sub communications.

In essence, my coaching is aimed to guide men to develop a compelling, socially graceful and masculine version of himself.

And How do I achieve that?

Because I Embody what I propose, spending time with me in Social environments, brings out best for my clients. I unlock the possibilities they can carry as a man, by making them observe the way I move around. There is always running commentary by me explaining the intricacies of the moments.

I don’t teach how to pick up girls.

I teach how to get to a point where a man have compelling and masculine effect on SOME women by being themselves.

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