Signs/Hints a woman wants to be approach

For years I have studied nothing but women.

The way they move, the way they look, the way they talk, the way they sit, the way they mate, etc.

In all these years of studying and understanding the way of women, I recognise one fact of how women mate.

Women give out signals of invitation when they want to be approached, when they want you to carry on conversation, when they want you to make an intimate move and when they want to be lead on an adventure.

All men has to do is to follow on these invitations.

But we untrained men in art of reading signals, fail to follow at appropriate time and hence women shout men are “creepy”, “dumb”, or “they dont get it”.

Here I am going to list some universal FEMALE signals of invitation.

Caveat: Context matters. Just this signals by absolute can be deceiving.

  • A woman will always move in a man’s proximity. If a woman fancies a man she will make sure that she closes the space between her and the man she fancies. She might look other way, but if she ends up next to you when she could be anywhere then with reasonable certainty you can approach her. This is by far the most common and universal invitation. However as I said, put it in a context. She may be standing next to you in bar because that happens to be a readily available and more comfortable space for a woman to stand. So that does not really mean anything.
  • While in a conversation with a woman, a man just met, must test whether she really wants to be part of the conversation. To do that, at some point ideally in first 2-3 minutes, a man should just cut off himself from the conversation but not physically that much to see whether there is an element of eagerness and willingness from her end to bring back the conversation, both of you were engaged in. She may reinitiate the conversation, look in your direction, tap her feet, maintain her gaze up, untie and tie her hair. That’s her curiosity, nervousness and anxiety of you cutting her off. Or else she just shuts herself off, most likely she wants to bail out.
  • A woman draws a man back into her space. This has happen to me a lot. If you ever ask innocuous question like “Is this seat taken?” to a woman in a cafe and to which she replies more than necessary, like “No, since a long time it’s been vacant to be occupied” then in all likelihood, she likes your energy. Keep talking. Again context matters. She needs to have a slight smile on her face. There are many variations to this and so be adept at catching it.
  • Least understood and most difficult to explain in words. The way she looks at you. Lot of guys believe that a woman looking at a man means some thing. No, No, No. It is the way her eyes dart on you. There is a certain pause, mischief and curiosity in her eyes that matters when she looks at you. Figure out for yourself, how this looks in reality.

Above four types rules the roost.

Yes hair flicking to increasing the volume to get attention are all valid ones.

Yet, rest all other forms of invitation will have a flavor of above four.

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