Frequently Asked Questions

Dating coaching is a broad term that defines any training/coaching done to help men or women to resolve their sexual, romance, love life with opposite sex. This broad terms (for men) includes training men to become smooth with women, resolving a specific situation with a particular woman, guiding men to become self aware, teaching social skills, pick-up artistry, transforming men after a breakup, making men realised their masculinity, resolving their relationship issues and guiding them how to deal with it.

Well, the core of my coaching stems from the fact that men and women are naturally designed to come together as two opposite sex and complementary energies of Masculine-Feminine. The philosophy of my coaching is that men should lead their way into world of Dating and Relationships with women through their instinct first and then intellect, which means they become conscious men around women they want to mate with. In essence, I strive to make men Smooth and Internally free to mingle with women who inspires them.

I address various issues of men relating to their dating and relationships life. I guide men to navigate their situation with a particular woman they like, help them resolving the issue he is facing in his existing relationship, and this kind of coaching is done through Zoom Call.
However my primary coaching involves coaching men to get good with women in general. Let me explain:
Men who usually face tough times with women in context of being seen as sexual being, carry a vibe, energy, vibrations of a non-sexual nature. I coach these men through my process to become a man wherein women by and large receive them as a sexual being without compromising social grace. The process includes unlearning their belief systems, unconditioning their subconscious mind, reviving their Male instinct in real time of company of women; it also includes learning body language skills, non verbal communication, verbal communication, know how of expressing oneself, real-time approaching and leading through body, facilitating interactions using intellect.
And all of this is done in real time social environments of all kinds.

The most commonly practiced form of coaching in India is pick up artistry. I am different from that in the sense that I don’t subscribe to number games approach. My coaching is to help men to lead with their Body and then mind. So naturally the approaches and interaction with women will be far fewer, qualitative, focused and meaningful. While pick up artists focuses on using only a mind based approach. Other than that my coaching has a inside out approach, while pick up artist coaching is outside in approach. While I like to begin with aspects that influences and alters the by-product behaviors, the pick up artist and other dating coaches focus on changing the byproduct behavior first and hope to change the outcomes.

Like in any other field of coaching, the net results is mixed in terms of degrees how far a client goes. Some clients get transformed to a degree that they never imagined themselves, some clients come to a point where they feel a formidable change in how they relate to women, others feel a difference in how women receive them differently compare to before, while few unfortunately don’t see much change.
As far as specific situations is concerned, the success rate is quite high as I only take clients whose situation is not irreparable.

Not Really. There is no step by step method I suggest or employ to my clients to follow and practiced. However I do employ a process to imbibe as a part of their day to day life. The process is feel based and experiential. The progress will become obvious to oneself.

I travel to Bangalore, Delhi (Gurugram), Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune. But primarily Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.

The details of list and type of programs are mentioned on the website including the pricing. The programs are divided into two categories: In-Person and Video Coaching.

I Only refund the money if for whatever reasons I back out of the program. If a client backs out, then NO refund is given.