Video Coaching Programs

1. Initiation Program

As the name suggest this 8 week program is designed to facilitate men to initiate themselves on a journey to become excellent in the land of women. In the spirit of capitalism, we men tend to divert focus and attention of our post puberty period to things concerning studies and career. In this well-meaning process somehow we lose base with one dimension of our masculine nature, which is to experience feminine energy. Some men along this phase do get a taste of it, but usually it ‘just happens’. While for most men these experiences are elusive or not to their liking.

However, a time comes when a man’s mental space is free enough to listen to the sound of testosterone knocking on his door. At this point he realizes that he needs to pay attention to this untouched and unaddressed dimension of his masculine nature. On reflecting he becomes aware of how unaware he is about the language of male-female sexual dynamics.

This is where the initiation program comes to the rescue and helps men to kick-start their journey. Some of the details of the program are as follows:

  • It’s a 4 session program held over a zoom/skype calls. Each session is separated by approximately by 15 days.
  • Each session goes on for 60 to 90 minutes. And it is a 1 on 1 program.
  • It is highly encouraged to clients to record each session (I won’t be recording).
  • Some of things that are covered will be re-framing and changing narrative, how to implement new narratives, communication skills, body language know-how, dynamics of non-verbal language, fundamentals that help in texting and anything specific situation.
  • The cost of the initiation program is Rs 10,000/ .
  • One has to schedule a call with me before formalizing the program. (The number and email is added below).

2. Metamorphosis Program (Zoom).

The word metamorphosis means great transformation from immature being to maturity. As you know, I have an in-person mentor-ship program for selective men. The metamorphosis program is designed for men, who for whatever reasons cannot be part of in-person coaching program. It is an elaborate and more in depth version of initiation program.

Men, who have taken a strong call to flourish as masculine being, to find their expression as a man and be skilled as a social being, should opt for this 6 months program. Imagine you have realized that there is an unmapped world out there which you have to explore all by yourself with tools you don’t know how to use and methods you don’t know how to put them into practice. The Metamorphosis program will exactly guide you on using the tools, train you to implement the methods and be at your service to navigate the whole spectrum of male-female dynamics in today’s world of online dating, feminism, casual equations and what not.

If your starting point is at Zero or you are at moderate level, it doesn’t matter as metamorphosis program is designed not just for smaller issues but also for larger conversations that will enable any man to fix the missing piece in his dating and relationship life.

The metamorphosis 6 month program will be your formidable ally in resolving all of the above issues.

In this program, there will be 2 zoom video call session every month. So over period of 6 months there will be 12 sessions. Each session will be of 90 to 120 minutes. Each session must be recorded by the client, so that he can refer back to the session. After each session there will be some follow up tasks, which clients have to undertake. In the gap of two sessions there will be some interaction via messages or an audio call if needed. All the aspects that are covered in an initiation program will be included and much more as mentioned above.

The Total Cost of Metamorphosis Zoom Program is Rs 24000/-

3. Specifics Program

  • Did you meet a great girl and want to make her part of your life and vice versa, but you are unsure on the intricacies of taking the equation forward?
  • Do you want to fix a sliding relationship with her?
  • Do you want to get into her mind and get a sense of where she may stand with respect to you?

The Specifics program is designed to facilitate solutions for questions like above. As the name suggests, the specific program addresses the specifics issues of the particular guy.

The details of the program like number of sessions, cost, etc will be discussed on a schedule video call.

4. Introductory Program

This is One Zoom Session program. This is for people who are the verge of opting for Initiation or Metamorphosis Program (Zoom Sessions Only), but before committing deeper they want a feel of it.

The cost of One Zoom Session is Rs 3,000/-

To reach out to me, you can email me at or WhatsApp at (+91)9820179161.

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