Decoding non verbal communication of eyes from women.

William Shakespeare once said, “Women communicate in two ways, one of them is verbal, while other forms the major part”.

Non verbal communication of and from women, have always been elusive from men. Most men are unaware of its existence, leave alone the importance of it.

Non verbal communication branchs out into tonality, body language, facial expressions and most important one being the eyes.

Since being a toddler, girls are evolved to look into their mother eyes for their exchanges.

And this aspect of communicating with eyes, continues all their life, especially within women.

This is further extrapolated by women, in mating rituals with men.

Unfortunately we men are not evolved and trained to read eyes of women, and hence we tend to either miss it or mis read them, which doesn’t augur well for both parties.

I have self trained to read seemingly obvious meanings behind those eye gazes from women.

And to help you to get a better understanding of it, I am going to give some visual examples of few movie clips.

They will diminish lot of confusion and ambiguity with regard to meaning behind certain eye gazes.

  1. Pay attention to the intensity in the woman eyes while she is looking at the male actor, starting minute two.

2. Pay attention to her shy, blushing look in the eyes all along after minute two.

3. Pay attention from minute two and thirty seconds till minute 3. You can notice the mischief and shyness in the woman’s eyes, while she is looking at the actor. Also notice back and forth eye contact between two of them.

These are few such examples that you may use for reference to begin with.

However, at the end of day, you will have to develop the intuition to get the message behind “the look” a girl is giving you.

Let me end this by giving you a piece of information that may seem unscientific, but it is absolutely true.

Women gravitate towards men who have taken time and effort to read women’s way.

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