How you feel?…Really Counts

I once heard Aamir Khan in an interview, telling a story about him and Sachin Tendulkar.

Both of them were seated in a VIP box of a cricket stadium, watching a match.

Sachin Tendulkar who was seated next to Aamir Khan, started predicting how the bowler will bowl the next ball. It so happened, that Sachin could get 5 out of 6 predictions accurate.

Aamir Khan was stunned and asked Sachin Tendulkar how could he predict so accurately.

Sachin Tendulkar simply replied, “I don’t know, I can just feel it”.

Fair enough, it was Sachin Tendulkar the great. But that’s not the point.

The point is, having a feel of things is what really makes a person great at something.

Similarly, to have a smooth passage with women, this ability to have feel is very essential for men.

Women by default, are far ahead in this aspect. In fact that forms the basis of women selection/choices/decisions in matters of mating.

One may often hear a female friend asking another, “How do you feel about this guy?”, while we men ask, “What do you think about him?”.

Huge difference.

But somehow we men are either ignorant about this “feel” aspect or we rather don’t pay attention to it.

So what is this “Feel”, I am talking about?

For starters, what I am referring here is different from having feelings, which are more a subset of emotions. Like feeling angry, love, hatred, etc.

I am referring to a sensory awareness or maybe an intuition. It’s a voice inside you but outside your head.

In financial markets, they call it “pulse”.

Every professional develops a feel for his profession over period of time.

So does every single ladies man, has a feel of women.

This includes, having a sensory awareness of which woman will respond to him in the room, which one is ovulating, which one is uninviting for a new man, who is his type, which one is more naughtier, which one needs to be opened up, etc.

He can also feel for himself, who is real beauty and whose hotness is just an appeal to his impulse.

And the great thing about these ladies men, is that they are capable of tuning into same frequency as some women in the room. Which is to say, that they know it’s “On” with a woman even before they have approached her.

If you ask them, how do they know it’s “on” with that girl, they will usually reply, “I can feel it”.

This “feel” is so powerful that ‘women know that you know’.

Once a boy develops this feel, in my view he becomes a man, as he stops chasing every other skirts and go after the one, who is in tune with him.

In essence he picks his battles.

The good news is, we all have a natural feel regarding women to some degree.

Just think of a time, when you saw a girl at someplace, and you said to your friend, “she is cute” and another time you saw another girl and you said, “she is hot”.

Why one girl was cute and another one was hot? What’s the science behind two different phrases?

It has to do with your “feel” factor. You just felt cute with regard to one girl and hot with regard to another.

However, to refine this feel regarding women, a man needs to dive deeper. And I am pretty sure, with gradual progression of time, you will have a much sharper and refined feel factor.

How does a man can sharpen his “feel” of women?

First and foremost, a man has to respect and embrace, that there is an element of feel factor exist and it is indispensable for mating.

Second of all, he has to make a conscious choice to develop it.

Third and the most important thing, one needs to do is start paying attention to women.

Paying attention in a qualitative way to every bit of them. From the way they walk, they look around, the way they talk, etc.

Go to a cafe, bar, and just observe the women floating in the room. Especially in a bar like environment.

In fact any women rich environment will do. Don’t analyse, draw conclusions, or pass any judgements. Just pay attention. Don’t even think about approaching while you are doing this exercise.

This reminds me of my share broker, asking me to just watch trading screen and not take a trade.

I guarantee, by doing this over period of just few weeks, you will begin to see a slight difference in your feel of women.

You will get this invisible sense about that woman across the room. You will able to discern, how she may respond to your presence if you approach her.

Another thing, I suggest to develop this feel, is spend time with me or someone like me, who already has a good degree of feel. By seeing first hand, the way I move around women, it will unlock a different dimension within you.

Reading fiction books is another way, I figured to develop the feel factor. Self help books or books on how to attract women don’t serve the purpose well, as they encourage cerebral thinking.

What about actually approaching women?

I am not suggesting to abandon cold approaching, but reduce the numbers, and focus on qualitative cold approaching.

By qualitative I mean, pause for few seconds like 4 to 5, look at the girl properly(again just look), and if you still feel like approaching her then go ahead. This exercise will slow your head down.

Once you developed your feel of women, unknowingly you will get out of your head, which happens to be biggest obstacle for men to have a smooth passage with women.

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