A facet about girls, guys must know…

Have you been out on a weekends, especially at afternoons, in some cafes or restaurants where they cater to younger crowd?

If yes, then you must have noticed, a peculiar feature about these weekend afternoons. And that is, girls in twos, threes, dressed up girlie, banded together forming an invisible boundary.

This is peculiar to female gender and it’s called “girls day out”, or “girls night out”.

However this is not restricted to afternoons, women with higher age bracket, usually end up having “girls night out”.

Girls day out/night out is their time to bond, gossip, tell tales, discuss, and primarily to be in purely and only feminine energy of other women.

We guys are prohibited to trespass. Maybe a nudge is granted in the form of smile and hi to a girl in the group. But that’s about it. No more going ahead, even if the girl in the group is mildly curious about the guy.

This often plays out in night club too. Guys assume, girls dressed up in clubs/lounges are out there to get attention or be approached. Well, that maybe true, but in most scenarios, girls are there to bond among themselves and they feel encroached when guys physically approach them and stay their course.

Again, a less intense approach like a smile or saying “hi” in the passing, maybe well appreciated and men must do that.

Bringing the awareness of “girls day out”, guys can bring grace to their approach, view the dynamics in the room from a different perspective and adapt their manoeuvres.

How does a guy separate group having a girls day/night out from not?

Girls out purely to bond among themselves, will sit with their knees almost touching each other, or stand shoulders facing each other. IT FEELS LIKE SOME INVISIBLE MAGNETIC ENERGY THAT HAVE TIED THEM TOGETHER.

2 thoughts on “A facet about girls, guys must know…”

  1. But mostly women go out in groups only. There is very less likely a woman will go alone.

    Also I feel a guy interfering into their circle, wouldn’t be a threat to their night out, if he can bring forth the participation of all the women in that group.

    Of course, if the guy is still uninvited, then definitely he should leave.

    There could be time when a guy interfering could make somebody’s day, as not every person likes to have boring/routined chitchats.
    And maybe a woman goes out in groups as there was no other option left with her to go out!!


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