“Content is the king”…Not really in world of mating.

I still vividly remember, I was in this particular bar with a friend of mine. He opened a set of two Girls, which didnt really responded well to him.

Few minutes pass by, a random guy walked up to these same two girls standing and talking to each other, and instantly managed to hooked their attention.

My friend was supremely surprised, and instantly wanted to know what did he say to them. However, those girls response to him didn’t surprise me.

Simply because, I paid attention to the body language and vibe of the guy. I figured that he was gay. But my friend could not rise above the idea of content (opening line in this case).

Time and time again, I am asked questions related to content. Like what to say, how much to say and nature of conversations, etc, etc.

The reason why that particular gay guy, could instantly strike chord with those two girls, was because he carried similar vibe, which girls were already in. Vibe of female bonding. Or rather “non mating” vibe. And not primarily, because of what he said as his opening line (however I am not disregarding content).

And this idea of “Content” being overrated, also extends to an ability of those rare men, who meet girls on a whim, given appropriate time and place.

I get the analogue minds of men, I understand the need to understand, I feel the shorthand of men to feel women, but it’s a handicapped for a man to not rise above limitations of “Content only” aspect in mating.

Again, I am not disregarding the necessity of content, it’s standing. I am bringing awareness to something transcendental aspect, and asking you to make efforts to rise above the keeness to grasp the perfect content.

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