Man Thrusts, Woman Receives

Source: A Note to Men, Instagram.

A man’s primary sexual tool is designed to thrust, while woman’s sexual organ is designed to receive the thrust.

However, thrusting and receiving in humans is not limited to physicality like in animals, it extends in Spirit.

We humans carry an internal story in all our acts, including sex. And every internal story has a spirit of its own.

For example, one man’s look at a woman can make her feel beautiful, while another man’s look at the same woman can creep her out. Well that’s because of the internal story while looking.

Coming to thrusting and receiving; a phenomenon I have observed as a coach is lack of thrusting energy in most men, and receiving spirit in some women.

This lack of thrusting energy in a man’s look, voice, act of leading, etc is resulting into weak effect on women they want to attract.

Dating Apps have made this more worse for men.

I have a message:

The natural order of things is man thrusting and the woman receiving the man’s thrust.
And hence the man must make sure to thrust his way into the world and if he has lost this, regain it.

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