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Source: A Note to Men, Instagram.

The notion that men should not chase Woman, is so widely proposed by high value men like Morgan Freeman, Dan Blizerian, etc. Even some of the world’s renowned Dating Coaches strongly suggests men, to give up on chasing women.

Then am I trying to get some attention by contradicting high value men and my peers?

Actually, I am talking in a different context and not attempting to contradict anyone. And here’s how:

The notion of do not chase women, gain its popularity only in recent times (in last 30 years). Until then, men giving all in to woo a woman was celebrated. The word needy, I guess was hardly used.

The reason wooing woman has been labeled as a desperate attempt by a man in most corners today, is because men have (generalizing) lost the intensity to desire a woman. And the intensity is replaced by the need to have multiple women with lukewarm desires because of change in narrative.

In recent years, men are coming off as needy while expressing their desires. This is because they lack focused attention, carry flickering desire with lukewarm spirit.

Chasing woman should not be confused with convincing her. It is rather about fully expressing your desire lightheartedly, and if needed repeatedly.

Chasing Woman is about letting the woman know clearly and unapologetically the impact she has on you. Chasing Woman is about making it obvious about your desire for her and her only. Chasing Woman is about showing your delight in the fact that you want to ravish her.

Great Lovers of Women like Casanova, Basquiat, Diageo Riviera, etc were known as skirt chasers.

Chasing Woman with right spirit should be the name of the game and men must embraced it wholeheartedly.

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