The Dimensions of Instinct and Intellect.

We have a past, present and future. Instinct is what belongs to our animal past. It is very old, solid; it is the inheritance of million of years. While intellect is human, belonging to our present. We mostly function through our intellect. All our sciences, all our businesses, all our professions are based on our intellect.

Instinct is rooted in our body, while intellect is an aspect of our brain/mind. All the essential functions of our body from heartbeat to digestion are in the hands of instinct. And for the world of market place our intellect comes in handy.

In the realm of instincts, there is a male instinct and female instinct. The male instinct is straightforward in male animals, and female instinct too know it’s functions in female animals.

However in humans males and females, instinct is complicated because it runs along side the intellect. In addition to that, humans complexity extends with involvement of masculine and feminine energies, which has a effect on human male and female instincts.

Why am I writing about this? How does it affect a man to be great with women?

Instinct and Intellect have a specific role to play in the game of courtship, mating and pair bonding. (Here I am speaking especially for heterosexual Men).

However, in last few years as intellect has dominated the way we navigate life, out instinct has taken a back seat.

Intellect is a function of our mind. Men in today’s time step forward in the land of women primarily with intellect. That’s why most men are in their heads while interacting with women.

A guy wants to talk to a particular girl(s) because his mind is bothering him to do that, not because she awakens his male primal instincts.

The current ecosystem of Dating is primarily intellect based. From Dating apps, Instagram, to matrimonial sites uses our intellect to get Dating life sorted.

Fame is another example of intellect based attraction. The list of intellect based dating is long.

Intellect is needed in human male-female mating and relationships dynamics. But as a facilitator more than the primary driver.

Instinct on the other hand has a voice of its own. The voice of the instinct is more primal in nature. It is very different from the intellect yet it has its own intelligence. All the essential functions of the body are done instinctively. Instinct must not be confused with intuition, which is the third dimension.

In mating, instinct has its own taste. It does Not understand any social narratives neither it has any knowledge of cultural structures.

Instinct speaks to other person Instinct. That is the power it commands. If your male instinct finds a woman desirable to mate, then most likely the woman’s female instincts will pick on that (if you express yourself non verbally or verbally).

Why man’s instinct picks on someone (and usually very few) is still mostly unclear to me. Having said that, in my experiences a man’s instinct is influenced by degree of it’s masculine energy. It tends to pick on someone who compliments his masculine energy. The more masculine energy a man carries, more likely he will pick a feminine woman.

It is easier in general to move forward with a woman if she appeals to your instinct. The conversation will follow naturally. While moving forward using your intellect is usually difficult if not fully thought out.

Now, I tell you guys some bad news. Your male instinct has been shut down for many years. It is overpowered by intellect so much that it’s voice is unheard.

In essence, let instinct pick for you and use your intellect to facilitate.

The amount of work I need to do as a Coach to revive male instinct of my clients is immense. But eventually most guys get in touch with it, because it’s like coming home.

I have just scratch the surface of this subject here.

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