The role of a consultant differs from a coach. A consultant provides solutions using his/her expertise, while the coach helps an individual to re-invent and discover himself or herself, provide direction, and give them tools to become a better version of himself or herself.

A consultant is a specialist in the subject matter. He/she can listen to the whole matter, make a simple sense of it, and give a solution based on his or her expertise.

The consultancy program is designed for individuals who are facing challenges with a particular woman or their larger dating relationship life, and hence, they need to make sense of how to move forward without messing up or paying a high price.

The consultancy program will perfectly suit an individual who needs a specialist opinion on the subject just to gain clarity and no more.

Sometimes, we don't need a committed long-term course to navigate our issue, and this is where my consultancy program fills the gap.

A one-time consultancy session (will also include access to me in the future) is priced at anywhere between Rs 4,000/- to Rs 8,000/- .

Before a session is finalized, we will have a brief interaction on a call to get a sense of the issue at hand. The consultancy session can be done on Zoom or in person.