A refreshing take, a renewed approach combined with essence of Masculine – Feminine dynamics defines Pratik’s style of coaching.

Refined by his personal experiences added with knowledge and wisdom accumulated from few enlightened Men, Pratik is changing the conversations about how Men should relate to Oneself and Women.

The foundation of his coaching is Reframing Realities, which facilitates the practical applications in real time. Pratik’s larger purpose is to create a world of Unapologetically Expressive yet Socially graceful Men; especially in the land of women. 

Five years into this, Pratik Jain has carved his own niche and style as a Dating Coach in India.

About Pratik

Born in 1987 in the city of Mumbai (Bombay then), grew up in Colaba-Cuffe Parade, Pratik Jain completed his Graduation with major in Economics and Commerce from popular South Mumbai H.R. College. While spending major part of his 20’s in financial markets, Pratik pursued his curiosity about male- female dynamics parallel to his professional career. However his curiosity lead him to different dimensions about courtship, mating and masculine-feminine dynamics, which eventually prompted him to turn his back to financial markets and start a professional career as a Dating Coach in India. His story is chronicled in Humans of Bombay page.

Pratik have been coaching men over 5 years spanning across major India cities, namely Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Mumbai.

As of today he has coached 1 on 1, over few hundred guys across India of all age groups and demographics.

To know more about his coaching hat and how you can associate with him, visit the programs section of the site.

You will get to know lot about him and his thought process/philosophy as you read his posts on the blog section of the site, peruse through his Instagram and read some of his monthly newsletters.

He have been featured among the top dating coaches of 2021-22 on a prominent global portal coachfoundation.com

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He have been featured in leading Indian publications and have written articles for International dating publications.

The Hindu

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Elsa‘ing’is the new ‘ghosting

Feel free to reach out to Pratik for any detail queries/inquiries/clarifications regarding his services at;

Email- wayofmen@hotmail.com
Whatsapp – 9820179161.

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