In-Person Coaching Programs.

1. Intensive In-Person Program.

In-Person coaching is designed for few selected individuals; individuals, who have sorted most aspects of their life, appreciate the idea of investing in themselves, have the mental capacity to dive into a new dimension of life and looking to have an abundant and fulfilling life with women.

In-Person coaching is bespoke and tailor made for each individual. In this program the client has my physical presence for full Day or Days (depending on his needs).

The full day starts from early afternoon and ends at late night OR the day is divided into two parts of two days, starting from 5pm till end of the night. The day involves going to different Social Environments for hands on learning. It covers all the aspects that are needed for the particular guy to feel arrived in the land of women. (The aspects are discussed on a scheduled Video Call before formalizing the program).

However, the In-Person program also includes easy access to me directly, periodic Zoom Sessions and all the necessary resources including connecting with my other clients.

This program is exclusively 1 on 1. I travel to different cities of India to conduct this program.

As far as pricing of the Intensive In- Person program is concerned, it varies from city to city. A full day training will be charged (my training fees) lesser in Mumbai and Bangalore compare to Delhi, Gurgaon and Hyderabad.

As I handpick few guys for including them into my family of in-person coaching, I will spare the details, nuances and cost of this elaborate program for a schedule video call.

2. Metamorphosis Program (In-Person)

The word metamorphosis means great transformation from immature being to maturity. As you know, I have an in-person mentor-ship program for selective men. The metamorphosis program is designed for men, who for whatever reasons cannot be part of in-person coaching program, yet want to get a feel of my personal presence.

Men, who have taken a strong call to flourish as masculine being, to find their expression as a man and be skilled as a social being, should opt for this 6 months program. Imagine you have realized that there is an unmapped world out there which you have to explore all by yourself with tools you don’t know how to use and methods you don’t know how to put them into practice. The Metamorphosis program will exactly guide you on using the tools, train you to implement the methods and be at your service to navigate the whole spectrum of male-female dynamics in today’s world of online dating, feminism, casual equations and what not.

If your starting point is at Zero or you are at moderate level, it doesn’t matter as metamorphosis program is designed not just for smaller issues but also for larger conversations that will enable any man to fix the missing piece in his dating and relationship life.

The metamorphosis 6 month program will be your formidable ally in resolving all of the above issues.

In this program there will be 12 sessions over period of 6 months; which means 2 sessions each month. One of the two sessions will be an in-person session, while the other will be on a zoom video. In-person session involves going out with me in a Social Venue for about 180 minutes. And the Video session will be conducted over zoom for about 90 minutes.

Metamorphosis is applicable in Mumbai, Pune Bangalore and Gurgaon.

The Total Cost of Metamorphosis Program is Rs 42000/-

3. Introductory Metamorphosis Program.

For those who are unsure about dipping their toes completely into 6 months program, I have designed an introductory program.

Introductory program is a One Month program, wherein we will have One Zoom Session and One In person Session of 180 minutes.

The cost of Introductory Metamorphosis Program is Rs 10,000/-.

To reach out to me, you can email me at or WhatsApp at (+91)9820179161.

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