Decoding Flirting…

I will put up a video clip first, then explain the context below the video. This particular clip is from a movie Last Night (2010).

1. The moment, girl enters the bar, the guy waiting for him gets up, pauses and smiles at the girl. The smile clearly expresses the delight of the guy on seeing her.

2. The first thing that comes out of his mouth “You look beautiful”. She retorts back, that he caught her off guard in the morning, when they bump into each other after 2 years. This is in my view, is women’s way to release the tension. But the guy doesn’t waiver, and he replies, “You look beautiful then too”. (master class)

3. Look at the way, they both are seated. Always try to sit on the each other side, rather than opposite.

4. Notice the small pauses between their sentences.

5. They are commenting on each other.

6. Notice the subtle body movements of the girl. Like clutching her purse, her palms on back of her neck, head tilt. They all are tell tale signs of girl feeling rush of nice tension.

7. Another great thing the guy does is deflecting the topic back on her as a subject when she asks him, “How is Paris?”.

8. ” Tell me some thing counts”, the girl asks. Another masterclass reply by the guy, “Its been too long since I have seen you”.

9. Notice the shift in girl’s body language including her eyes after that.

10. In all, observe how less they talk, I mean have conversations. Even in the cab, the air of silence between the couple is an great example of flirtatious tension.

1 thought on “Decoding Flirting…”

  1. But the thing is that they had known each other earlier. They were familiar about each other. And that’s why that man didn’t had to do much outrageous flirting!!

    But in the initial stage of mating, will such kind of flirting/conversation really work ?

    I reckon the man could do away with the silence since he already knew the girl was into him based upon their past relationship and experience.

    Had it been their first meeting, could the man have got away with the girl with such kind of interaction??


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