Giving Compliments

When a young teen boy, asks his elderly male to give him some tips or suggestions on wooing girls, the first thing elderly man would say, “Give her compliments, son”.

Giving women compliments has been an age old advice for men.

In fact, this tradition was further carried by daygame pick up artists, who ran around the streets, stopping random girls and used a compliment (direct) opener.

But somehow, most men complain that how their compliments are not connecting with women.

All they get is a sweet Thank You from women.


Because most of these compliments are coming from hollow space.

Compliments are supposed to be felt by the giver, before they are given.

Compliments that are spurted out without an inner conviction, tend to always miss their mark.

In simple language, a man should mean what he says as compliments.

For instance, a guy sees a girl across the street and walks up to her and tell her that she is beautiful. No harm in that.

Harm lies when his compliments is just an impulse respond to “attractiveness” of the particular girl, which is different from being drawn towards the girl because he feels her so beautiful in the moment, that his mind is suspended, all his senses gets dormant, he loses sense of the surroundings and he pauses unknowingly.

A compliment coming from latter space will always land and connect with women.

Because now you are expressing your truth, compare to former impulse compliments which are a form of narration of a script.

Once you become aware of this distinction, you slowly and gradually tend to tune in with what feels true to you.

In essence you get out of your head in those moments.

The fact is, women are empowered by nature to feel a man’s sincerity, especially in matters of wooing a woman.

Similarly with Compliments, women can get sense of place from where his compliments are coming from.

So first stop giving ingenuine compliments.

And you will end up giving compliments that connect with women.

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