What men can learn from Casanova?

Casanova wore many hats professionally, but he has been remembered as a legendary seducer. Casanova had affairs with many women in his hay days which are chronicled in his autobiography, “The story of my life”. His name his synonymous with “man good with women”.

As students in arts of love and seduction, we tend to study the successful ones, to ease and smoothen our learning curve. And no wonder, Casanova is dissected by well meaning people to gain insights.

However, in my view, we as students of seduction, cannot learn much from study of his character.


Because the quality that did wooing for him, is something cannot be practiced and get mastery over it. That quality is not intellectual in nature but rather internal.

Casanova never resorted to textbook tricks because he didn’t have any. He had no techniques of conquest and taming.

Casanova’s secretive quality that wooed women was his straightforwardness of his desire for universal femininity of women.

He merely let his frank passion run it’s course, and that did the wooing for him.

The hidden passion in women’s own blood responded to his fierce passion of the male animal as a opposite sex.

In essence, women fell for him, because he had fallen to the idea of feminine.

In simpler words, Casanova inherently carried a “vibe” which said “I love women, and am here to mate”.

And that’s something, one cannot practiced infield tomorrow.

This quality is developed through a process over time.

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