Focus on Source and Spirit, rather than technicalities only..

An amusing story to start with.

A guy was chilling with his friend at an afternoon club. He noticed a pretty girl walking towards his direction. He sensed a mischief in her eyes, which delighted him. As she came closer to him, to walk past, he asked out loud , “What’s your number?”, certainly communicating his delight too, in his tone. She blushed and continued walking past him.

However,in span of few minutes, she was seen again walking in his direction, her head down, smiling eyes, as if she is about to continue the dance the guy started. And she did.

She stopped by the guy, placed a piece of paper, smiled at him, looking into his eyes and then walked away.

The guy’s friend, witness to all this theatre, was amused and shocked. He couldn’t process all this.

However, this mating dance scene was inked in his mind.

Fast forward few weeks later, he thought of enacting the same dance for himself. He noticed a pretty girl, walking in his direction. And as soon as she came in his proximity, he repeated his friend’s line, “What’s your number?”.

The girl was not impressed by his uninvited approach. She instantly expressed her discomfort and anguish.

He apologize and feeling disheartened, left the place.

Why such a difference in outcomes of two pals using the same method?

Yes, maybe the first guy got lucky, maybe there are other unexplainable factors.

But there is one clear explainable factor, that runs a common thread among men who are GREAT with girls. That common thread is the *source* where their lines or ways with girls, comes from.

Source is the unseen foundation, on which they represent. In another words, there is a sense of alignment of how they are and what they were created to be for.

Each of these men, have a source that is more rooted to the idea that polarity of male and female is beautiful and needs to be celebrated. There is a sense of delight in their hearts and soul in presence of women who too carry a delight and appreciation for men in same breadth.

It’s a more like a convictions about the way, they are representing themselves.

To illustrate this concept of source into real life example, I would quote most boxers who faced Mike Tyson in the ring.

Some of them said, that just before the beginning of the match, when stare down would happen with him, they felt a shudder in their spine just by the way he looked at them. It was ferocious.

Mike Tyson being a bad man had a source of instilling fear into other people, just by his mere presence.

Similarly some men, have it in their eyes, smile and demeanour, that more than anything a love adventure with a woman matters to them the most. And if given a small window, they would pull the strings unhesitantly and craftily.

The Dating Advisory out there is too caught up on the make up of presentation. And no wonder, most guys want to get equipped in best possible way to have the most appealing make up.

If men just knew and appreciated the ability of a woman to sense a man, they would become devotee of refining the source and plus the make up of the presentation.

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