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Recently, I was featured among top dating coaches on a global portal; As I was going through the list, parallely counting the number of dating coaches, I was taken by little surprise on number of dating coaches (37) on the list.

I wondered how many dating coaches are out there globally? So I started googling top dating coaches of 2019, 2020.

To my surprises (exactly two), the number of dating coaches is higher than what I imagined and the female dating coaches, somehow appeared more in my search list.

So many of these names, I never even heard of it. So I thought to myself, how can a newbie save himself from the trap of ‘too many choices’?

This conundrum lead me to write this post, which features some of the dating coaches I admire and respect around the globe.

1. Zan Perrion

Zan Perrion is one of those rare old timer dating coach that is still holding his ground steady. He hasn’t waiver much from his teachings over the last 15 years, because he didn’t have the need to. His philosophy of men and women mating dynamics has a strong natural foundation that holds true across cultures. Zan embodies what he preaches and that is extremely rare in the list of dating coaches you see online. Some say Zan’s energy rubs on you when he is with you, which reflects on your vibe.

Speaking for myself, Zan Perrion has been a father figure for me. What I understand, preach and practice in the subject of men and women polarity, is because of this one man.

Zan Perrion has written a rare book name The Alabaster Girl. He is the founder of Ars Amorata company, which specialises in training men in arts of seduction and romance. He is a big advocate of philosophy of beauty, which is the theme of his next to be publish book.

2. Alan Roger Currie

Alan Roger Currie is another no bullshit dating coach. He may be little too much for some guys in his ways. In my view, his method is lot more condensed compare to other dating coaches out there, but he has hit the nerves of what arouses women. You will hear most dating coaches speaking about attraction, but Alan is the only man I am aware of speaks about arousal (in his words “Getting pussy wet”) in a woman. This aspect of him, makes him exceptional among the lot.

Alan Roger Currie to others may seem an x rated in his ways of talking to a woman, but I see an aligned man. He is unabashed and unapologetic about what he wants and desires with women, and that he is to get laid which flows in his demeanor, mannerisms, speech and his teachings. Most guys misinterpret Alan’s teachings as to be sexually blunt with woman. This far from truth, Alan is master in reading body language of women, which he uses in his game to assess who to be upfront and direct with. He is much smoother than what is projected of him.

Alan is the author of many books, most prominent being The Mode One. He speaks regularly in seminars like Direct Dating Summit and 21 convention. He has Youtube channel, where he regularly share some knowledge to his listeners.

3. Johnny Soporno

Johnny would prefer being refer to as a philosopher and reality re-framer and less of a dating coach. In his words to me “I teach people, what I’ve discovered and learned about how to be consistently happy and self-satisfied, and how to live a life in which everyone whom they meet, if enthusiastic to have them around, and in which most, if not all, of their associates and friends find them charming, seductive, and encouraging. This, of course, leads most to have oodles of sex, naturally; but that’s a byproduct”.

Johnny’s philosophy which is widely available to be seen on Youtube, has definitely shaped me to become a more evolve man. Unlike other dating coaches, Johnny addresses the essence of being a person who is projects successful-ness. In other words carrying a vibe that is inviting and attractive in nature.

Johnny Soporno has been interviewed many times, which can be seen on Youtube. I swear by those interviews. He has been a speaker at multiple seminar and conferences. His speech at Real Man Convention ended with a long standing ovation. You can see him on his website

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