The Movie Clips I Recommend

  1. Nine and half weeks. (Watch the way the lead actor, sub-communicates with his eyes from 1:14 secs).

2. Autumn In New York (The accidental yet intentional bump into two women communicates his delight for idea of men and women. You can skip to 1 minute).

3. Fall,1997 (The masculine frame of the taxi driver while talking to the supermodel is inspiring. Not to forget his expression (asking her on a date) in the end).

4. Killing Me Softly. (The most primitive elements of male and female polarities can be witnessed in the following clip. Do not attempt to comprehend the dynamic, just watch it)

5. Vicky Cristina Barcelona (The classic example of a man who leads. In addition to that listen to his plain speaking “I would like to invite you to Oveido”).

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