Technology has changed this about relationships forever…

A click or a tap can take us to different parts of the world, helps us become aware of different cultures, narratives, philosophy, people and hence different possibilities of life.

Technology has revolutionized the way we live and want to live our life. It has redefined our motivations.

One of the strong motivations that technology has brought about in people is to Explore; explore different dimensions and aspects of life.

The younger generation (22 years old and less) and the generation ahead of it (22 – 45) are strongly motivated to explore, because new possibilities have opened up through technology.

We have been made aware of different ways of living life, opening up our cerebral to new narratives.

Among many dimensions to explore, one dimension is relationships and sexuality with different people. Hence the word Casual is so prevalent in today’s world of relationships.

The idea of settling down at an early age is slowly being frowned upon.

Hence, One must take into account this new aspect of people before investing energies into another person; especially men are the ones who should understand this aspect, because they are brought up with narratives about male-female relationships that may not apply now.

I will give you an example:

A man in early thirties meets a girl in her early twenties. There is a chemistry between them and they get together. They spend some quality time together, after which the girl decides to travel to different continents just to explore. As she starts to travel, she slowly loses touch with the man as she is caught up in her explorations, while the man wants to hear from her more and more. This imbalance starts to bug the man and he loses his day to day composure making his life difficult and maybe starting a downward spiral.

(This applies when the chemistry and infatuation is strong, plus there has been some investment from both ends).

Only if the man was aware that she, being in her 20’s, is more motivated to explore her relationships, sexuality and life, would he have not taken it personally.

This exact scenario can be interchanged between the girl and man.

The younger ones are more motivated to explore than the generation ahead of them.

To explore can mean different things to different people. For person X, to be in a monogamous relationship can be an exploration, while for person Z, exploration can mean to see multiple people for some while.

Communicate your motivations and understand the other person’s motivations before investing too much based on your presumptions.

Sometimes a person may be motivated to explore after spending a few years with the One.

The technology revolution has overtaken people’s brains in a way that never happened before.

I feel the motivation to explore has been ingrained within women more than men, because up until now women were Not in position to explore.

This has changed the dynamics between a man and woman in the context of dating, relationships and marriage.

And it will be a while until a natural balance is restored in wavelengths of man and woman. The rising divorces in India, has major shades of motivations to explore.

In the limited scope of this post, I can only make men and women aware of this added aspect among our lives that is and will continue to drive our relationships going forward.

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