Women secretly wish men know this..

In ancient times WOMEN encouraged men to go away on the fishing trip. This is the ruse used by women since time immemorial to make men leave for a while so a woman can either be by herself or be with other women.

Women wish men knew that women desire to live in a solely female atmosphere from time to time, whether in solitude by themselves or with others. This is a natural feminine cycle.


Many years back an experiment was conducted with kids (girls and boys). Girls were confine together in one room while boys were confine to another room. Their individual mothers also accompanied them.

In each of the rooms, there were few toys, with a specific cow toy in the center. Both girls and boys were instructed to not touch the specific cow toy however they could play with any other toy. Mothers were also instructed to discourage their kids to touch the specific cow toy.

As soon as time begin and the kids were let free to play in the room, certain boys straight scurried to straight cow toy without battling an eye lid.

While girls also went towards the untouchable cow toy, however before reaching their hand out on the cow toy, they once glanced at their mothers and as mothers were instructed to discourage their kids to touch the cow toy, these mothers raised their eyebrow when glanced upon by girls.

Which send girls back to other toys.

This experiment highlighted one of the fundamental difference between Men and Women.

Women want the same goal as men however they want to achieve that goal in harmony of their relationships.

Women wish men knew that for women their surrounding relationships matters a lot in their decision making process.


“But I am both”, the woman shouted looking at a painting which depicted a woman into two different lights, one being a motherly instinct, soft, feminine, modern version of a “nice girl” and another as slutty, promiscuous, sexy.

Women secretly wish that men get this dual nature of a woman psyche. A woman wants to take care of her man and at the same time be bend over and Fuck like she is the only woman in the world.


Once a woman told me this story about her date.

She went on a date with a guy she knew through her gym. She liked him. He was handsome to her eyes. The date was going perfectly well except one thing, which I come to later. All along the date she was telling herself “Gosh when he is going kiss me” and “I would love to fuck him”.

She was absolutely smitten by him. Then he asked her to go along with him at his place. She readily agreed. After spending few minutes chatting in his house, he excuse himself to the bathroom. He came out of the bathroom in a bath robe. Now he wanted to have sex with her. She got furious and felt disappointed and left his place.

What happen?

Few minutes back she wanted the same thing as he wanted just before she left. They both wanted to have sex with each other.

Then why she left?

Because as she told me later, “He never once touched me all along and now he wants to have a full blown party”.

The one thing that her date missed was adding sexual tension by a slight touch and among other things.

Women wish men knew that for women sexual arousal works differently compare to men. For women the whole process of 0 to 100 kmph matters, while for men being at 100 kmph is more important.

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