How do I deal with blocked energy of a girl…

It may so happen, at times, we are talking to a girl, and her responses are not upto our liking; meaning there is a resistance to the flow between us and her.

We can feel it. However our mind is not convinced and still tries to create a path of least resistance. Either by talking more, probing her dejected energy or whatever.

I too have been in these situations many times and it will keep happening at some point.

How do I deal with this now?

I don’t deal with it at all. If I encounter a blocked energy from a girl, for whatever reasons, I change my path to somewhere else. That somewhere else, it maybe nothing or someone else who is open to my presence.

The key bit is the timing of changing your path. The earlier the better. If you keep hanging on, figuring a way to smoothen the path, you are making worse for all the parties.

This attitude is more about having a certain quality of life for yourself.

Avoid getting upset and frustrated, at encountering blocked energy. It’s a part of life.

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