Flow of male-female arousal process

At first look, the flowchart may appear complex to process it, so hold it tight. As you read down, concepts will get clearer.

Let me begin by defining what primitive and social represents in the above flow chart.

“Primitive” means un-conditioned intellect of our sexual nature; while “Social” means conditioned, diluted by our surroundings and filtered, dimension of human nature (including his sexual desire).

For example, a human communicating (verbally or non verbally) from his/her primitive dimension will be clear in his/her message to its opposite sex. The message will be unfiltered with full clarity about his/her sexual desires. However, the expression of the message may differ from individual to individual. As a matter of fact, some expression may seem extreme while some may have a milder and light tone to it.

While, a human communicating (verbally or non verbally) from his/her social dimension will be unclear in his/her message (about sexual interest) to its opposite sex. The message will be wrapped in social constructs, apologies and formalities.

These definitions and explanations are only for the purpose of this flowchart exercise.

As you can see, the flowchart is divided into male and female, which is sub-divided into primitive and social for each male and female box.

You can also see the criss-cross lines in three different colors, marked as path 1, path 2 and path 3.

What is the purpose of the flowchart?

The primary purpose of the flowchart is to make men aware of true nature of things regarding human’s (especially women) sexual expressions. The secondary purpose of the above flowchart is to encourage men to reshape their expressions to suit the nature of things, so that they are aligned resulting into desire outcomes as sexual beings.

Men are trained (consciously and unconsciously) to move forward with social expression. Usually this leads to men communicating with women purely on social level, hiding the masculine expression (sexual desire).

The following flowchart captures this well:

In the above flowchart, there are two criss-cross lines.

One is in black, labelled as path 1. Second, is in dark blue labelled as path 2.

Path 1 signifies usual expression of men to women. A man communicating (verbally or non verbally) with a woman using filtered, diluted and unnecessary chit chats with hints of sexual expression. This applies in dating apps too.

Path 2 is a follow up response from a woman. In path 2 (represented by a dark blue line) a woman communicates from her social dimension, primarily because she never received the man’s primitive energy. So, she followed the man’s lead. It’s a natural process.

At this point, some questions may pop up in your head. Keep them aside, until you go through the whole framework.

Coming to the first flowchart again:

There are three criss-cross lines labelled as Path 1 (Pink), Path 2 (Orange) and Path 3 (Blue).

Let me explain how the system of a woman’s arousal usually play out in real time. (I have no scientific data to back this up; it is what I have witnessed and experienced time and time again).

Path 1

A masculine man communicates to a woman (verbally or non verbally (preferably)) from his primitive expression (see definition above),

Path 2

The woman responds (verbally or non verbally) back to the same man, filtering her communication through her conditioned self.

Path 3

As her social frame collapses, the woman communicates (verbally or non verbally) to the same man in her most primitive fashion.

The key time is between path 2 and path 3. In most cases there is a time lag between path 2 and path 3. During this time, if the man do not apologizes or do not appear unclear; and stand by his primitive expression, the woman’s social brain which is conditioned to appear ladylike takes a back seat and her primitive dimension rises up to the fore. This time lag (between path 2 and path 3) is subjective. It can range from few seconds to weeks.

What do I mean, that her primitive expression rises to the fore?

The woman’s inclination to take things forward in sexual context becomes apparent.

Example of how flow chart can play out in real world:

Path 1: Paul and his pal are standing by the bar, drinking and chit chatting. Two girls arrive at the bar, order some drinks and stand by the bar. Paul notices them and he checks out Jessica with roving eyes (eyes moving up to down and then back up). He is clearly communicating that he likes what he sees in the context of man-woman.

Path 2: Jessica and her friend notices the way Paul looks at them, especially Jessica. She retorts to Paul, “Excuse Me, what’s your problem?”. Paul replies with a mischievous smile, “Two pretty girls at the bar is my problem”. They give them a look for seconds, cause they didn’t know what to reply and go back to their chit-chat, but still standing by the bar.

Path 3: Few minutes passed by. Paul and his friend are doing their thing, while Jessica is whispering to her friend. Then Jessica calls out Paul, “Hey guys, so you come often?” Paul, replies “Yes, we do. But we are planning to leave for better club. You girls want to come along with us?” Jessica looks at her friend for few seconds and answers “Yes”.

The above example is a classic example of the flow chart playing out in real time. Let me explain you, what is happening behind the scenes.

Paul is a masculine man, meaning he likes girls and the idea of mating with them, and is unapologetic about this expression of his. He is also willing to announce and stand by his expression, at whatever cost.

Paul non verbally communicated his masculine expression (primitive) to Jessica (path 1). Jessica like most women responded (path 2) in default mode; which is her conditioning telling her, “You are not a w@*re or s*#t , so ignore a random man overtures or rebuke his straightforwardness”.

Paul reply re-affirmed his primitive expression. Not only he re-affirmed his expression, but also celebrated it.

As time went by, Jessica social brain is taken over by her primitive dimension. In blunt words, her vagina got moist. Once, a woman’s primitive dimension takes her over and the context is non-judgmental, their responses change. The key element is the time taken for that process to happen. In that time lag (between path 1 and path 2), a man must not deter or fall back from his original expression.

To end this post, I must add some notes:

  • I am not suggesting that men must at all times communicate primitively with women. Please understand the context of environments and time.
  • The flow chart by no means is absolute. So don’t push it.
  • In real time, there are lot of moving parts, so the process may not seem as simplistic as flow chart at all times.
  • Don’t seek women’s opinion on this process, they will deny it.
  • If you choose to communicate primitively, then be tactful.

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