Your Vibe is the voice that women listens to..

When a man enters a room, he already had an impact before he speaks. This impact is created by the vibe he carries with him.

What is a vibe?

Vibe is simply an accumulation of one’s belief systems (internal and just not intellectual), perspectives, experiences that condenses into an invisible force which represents a man.

Vibe is the context or backdrop through which a man is measured. Women have an innate ability to judge a man’s unspoken vibe.

Ever wondered why some men get the polarised look they get, or why some men end up in friend zone irrespective of what they say.

Its because of the vibe they send out.

All of us, however lukewarm we may seem or how strong we may appear, do carry a certain vibe with us. It is omnipresent.

Men who are GREAT with women are differentiated from other men, primarily because of the vibe the former group carry.

It’s not his smooth talking or his extreme good looks, or even his oversize magic wand underneath his pants that draws women like behemoths towards him. It’s his polarised vibe, that speaks volumes to a woman’s bones.

While most Men, who struggle with women or who fight for a piece in the land of women, carry a non polarised vibe.

And hence when these struggling men, use verbal discourse like flirting or making sexual innuendo jokes, to emphasise their polarised nature, it fails to resonate with women on internal level. What they usually get is a mere “Hahaha” from women.

Altering the vibe from non polarised to polarised nature, hence becomes an essential for a man, who want to have free pass with women.

No amount of learning those flirtatious/sexual lines/phrases will change that, neither making that extra second strong eye contact will help.

It thus require a fundamental change internally.

How does one alter the Vibe?

Well for starters, let’s understand how does one form a certain kind of Vibe.

As I mentioned above, a vibe is an accumulation of one’s belief systems, perspectives and experiences. Hence we can say that, what we consume in form of opinions, entertainment (movies), information from elderly or other women, adds up in our internal belief systems and perspectives. Be it consciously and subconsciously.

So for instance, while you were in your impressionist age, if you were told that girls don’t like boys or boys/girls are like brother sister by default, and you took that opinion to heart, in all likelihood, the way you look at girls will have a vibe of non polarised nature.

Hence, if one has to alter his vibe in respect to being more polarised form, change what you consume in form of books, movies and even with whom you hang out.

Watch movies that have a polarised male character (zalman king movies), books that depict polarity between men and women in the form of a story, and spending time with guys who are good with women.

Pay attention to your female friends sexual escapades with boys. As you will pay attention without involving ego, you will discover the hidden but a more distilled nature of women’s sexuality.

For instance, a female friend may complain to you about this particular guy, who flirts with other girls all the time, yet she keeps going out with him.

Along with above mentioned practical applications, a lucky experience is also extremely helpful to solidify the altered polarised vibe.

A health warning, it takes times as it is an evolving process.

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  1. As a topic, can u write about how to take things from friendship to something more deeper, with a friend, while been suttle about it so as not to make things awkward.
    It would be great since I feel this might be a common case for lot of guys.

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